Zagreb 365 is a project in the public interest intended to promote tourism and other potential of Zagreb and striving to make Zagreb both attractive and appealing to its inhabitants, visitors and tourists 365 days per year.

It is intended for a better promotion of Zagreb potential, as well as to enhance the quality of services in tourism and also in other activities which jointly shape and account for the tourism product of Zagreb for the benefit of all those aiming to get the best value for money.


Zagreb 365 card is primarily intended for Zagreb inhabitants, through benefits upon the use of the capacities, many of which are owned by the City of Zagreb and hence its citizens. Zagreb 365 is aiming both to modernise the existing opportunities and provide a large number of new ones, ranging from the services linked with transportation, cultural programmes, as well as sporting opportunities and leisure: through hobbies and interests, keeping abreast with cultural and sporting events, the use of catering services and purchases, amongst others.

Moreover, Zagreb 365 is intended for all other Croatian citizens who visit the capital of Croatia either occasionally or frequently, as well as for all those visiting family members or friends in Zagreb or those attracted only by occasional business tasks.

Zagreb 365 is also intended for tourists, striving to assert attractiveness, variety and rich tourism programmes of Zagreb, in addition to providing a broad range of benefits intended to inform and attract tourists, retain them in Zagreb for more than one or two overnight stays and encourage them to increase their daily consumption.